Interactions with the wild things. . . Live life outdoors!

I see my path, but I don’t know where it leads.  Not knowing where I’m going is what inspires me to travel it.

Rosalia de Castro (1837-1885)

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About Me . . .

Hi, I’m Julie Gomez—author, columnist, artist, and naturalist who enjoys blogging, photography, hiking, fly fishing, and reading paperbacks.  I live in the North Oregon Cascade Mountains with my husband Chris.  Native Oregonians, we settled here as urban transplants in 1997 to be closer to wild places, and the marvelous creatures that dwell in the surrounding mountains, forests, meadows, lakes, rivers, and streams.  A place richly steeped in natural beauty; all precious gifts for which we are grateful.

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✎ About my blog . . .

Nature Chronicles of the Pacific Northwest is for all who enjoy the outdoors.  I believe that in nature, there are always lessons to learn, things to discover, and stories to be shared.  It’s being curious and taking notice of the world around you, such as wildflowers along a forest trail, or simply turning a rock to watch an ant colony.  It is interactions with wild things from angry yellow jackets to hungry black bears, and dragonflies that bite!  It’s the joy of standing thigh-deep in ice-cold streams during the salmon runs.  It’s nature renewing itself with warm summer breezes, frantic spring thunderstorms, terrific winter windstorms, and the chill of snow and ice.

My blogging base camp lies 15 miles “as the crow flies” west of Mount Hood in the small rural community of Wildwood (elevation: 1,260 feet above sea level) that lies between the Salmon and Sandy rivers of the Salmon-Huckleberry Wilderness and the Bull Run Watershed in the Mount Hood National Forest.  Whether hiking, snowshoeing, camping, boating, fly-fishing, or simply poking around outdoors, nature is full of surprises, and I am here to write about them.  I invite you to join me, to share the experience, and become nature inspired.

Mount Hood


▸Copyright 2011—2015  All rights reserved.  Chronicles, photographs and artwork are the sole property of the author (unless otherwise noted).  Use by any means is prohibited without prior written permission from the author.

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29 thoughts on “Interactions with the wild things. . . Live life outdoors!

  1. Hi Julie
    I liked your photo of a frankia nodule on an Alnus root. I wonder if I could use that photo in a book I am writing about soil. Unfortunately it will be in Swedish, otherwise I could have sent you a copy.
    Best regards
    Håkan Wallander

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